Runefall - Medieval Match 3 Adventure Quest

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Welcome to the historic medieval village of Rivermoor!
Your host, Hadrick, the constable of Rivermoor awaits you. Choose your avatar and begin an epic adventure! Help Hadrick reserve the peace in this vacant medieval town.
Match 3 or more gold, stone, and wood pieces to earn those resources. The larger the match, the more resources you receive. Use your resources to help rebuild the town of Rivermoor. Rivermoor is an old time medieval village that was abandoned during the war and has a remaining population of only 3. They desperately need an extra hand to earn enough to pay their dues to the royal King!
Unlock secret sections of every match 3 challenge and blast tiles to discover the hidden artifacts! Each level is complete when you have found the artifacts. What ancient secrets and runes will you uncover? Use your inventory tool to keep track of the artifacts, runes, and resources that you collect. Piece together information to solve quests and serve your duties to the village!
Earn more bonuses with SEQUENCES! Match objects in the sequence of 5 listed at the top of yours screen to earn more resources.
Explore the beautiful kingdom of Silverdale in this innovative new Match-3 adventure that pairs the classic matching mechanic with discovery, item collection, and even quests! Traverse huge environments, collect resources, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and upgrade the quaint village of Rivermoor.
So...Do you plan to stay the night? Only the most brave match 3 knights are up for this epic challenge. Help Hadrick complete his chores and begin your epic match 3 adventure quest!
Swipe to go on a free Match 3 adventure!
Collect items to solve quests!
Encounter a myriad of environmental obstacles!
Purchase dozens of power-ups for Rivermoor!
Traverse enormous levels!
Unlock 7 power-ups and dozens of game play bonuses!
A quirky cast of fully-voiced characters!
Log in Daily for rewards
Create a personal avatar
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